Can't run Windows 7 after Linux Mint 18.2 installed.

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Here is my problem: I have Win7 both on my desktop (PC x64) and netbook (x32). I install Linux Mint 18.2 from liveUSB on both computers. On netbook both OS run smoothly from Grub loader (I can choose OS and then run that needed one). Netbook has no UEFI.
On desktop PC I have a problem. First of all, when I had installed Linux, Grub doesn't show up, on few seconds appear Windows load logo, sign "Windows is downloaded files" and then I can boot only Linux.
Even I reinstall Grub using Boot-repair, now Grub menu run correctly, but when I chose Windows, the situation that I describe above, repeat.
In conclusion, Grub sees both OS, but I can't run Win7.

Please help.

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