Anyone using NetFlix with Android?

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Anyone using NetFlix with Android?
The performance is worse than bad. Screen tearing, dropped frames and what looks like very low res trying to be bumped up.
Is there a version of the player that works with the AllWinner/Mali Banana Pi?
Got my bpi a few day ago, put android 4.4 beta 1 on it, and same results. Sometimes movie stops playing, sound and video out of sync. In one world very terible.

on the other hand, youtube plays very well.

But, the same results, and also do not got a sollution for it.

Thanks for at least confirming this. I desperately want to use on Banana pi for a media TV PC and i want to set another up as a DVR. Android allows me to play all the common sites like NetFlix Hulu and if you use XBMC I can play from my local NAS drive.
So I want this feature to work.
Does anyone know if any AllWinner based board work with NetFlix?
I ripped through the web for several hours and could not find anything.
Maybe Tony can ask the AllWinner Rep . He is much more connected than we.

I have the same issue with video quality, I've even overridden my netflix account settings to best quality, but this make no difference what so ever.  I wonder if the netflix app is looking for wifi or 3g information and because it can't find any its using a real low quality setting. I've seen other apps not work because they are looking specifically for wifi information when i'n using the lan connection instead.  I don't have a WIFI adapter what works with my banana pi with the andriod os.  Any one got one that could give it a try?

Here I am that is using the Netflix for the android software which is really smooth to linking it super work after the tearing. Netflix is also having ads on the movies from the review website there are no ads are watching on this promotion.

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