DiRT - speed racing game attractive for PC

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What to do if your first wanted to play that DiRT upgrade their PC onto the hard, if not encounter problems when playing games. In return, the image of the game to bring true free processing. Surely you will not at times admiring the beautiful scenery before the race with tree-lined, sound and images especially those collisions creates lifelike ruin. Although not say this is the best version of Colin McRae racing game series, but in the imperfect to have many interesting surprises.

Great pictures

Compared to his elder Colin McRae series, DiRT who stray when too many differences. The first is the focus on the screen DiRT racing off the streets, not in the race. DiRT recreate race cars almost original. Get the easiest example, that if in real life in the narrow crab ring, race cars prone to slipping off track how the mechanism in such close DiRT. And those who are familiar with the former racing game would have to review her to learn more about the laws of physics before embarking on the conquest of DiRT racetracks. But that's DiRT, racing is racing alternative or real!

In the play one person, to avoid the boring single-screen racing, DiRT added to the career, people will increase the difficulty of the competition on the racetrack. Players can participate in 6 different racing formats. The race format will be spread in your career, and do not be too worried because the game has clear guidelines to help you get acquainted, from simple to complex. Your job is to win just as much as possible to earn money to buy new cars, more advanced, spare parts and open the new event. Yet there is still another thing to complain, which is part of DiRT multiplayer, so only 2 monotonous style is traditional racing and hill climb and players run timed exam.

The collision effects, real physics

If somebody thinks that with the ability to play his racing can make crab round, reached the perfect shot in any racetrack, so maybe they've picked the wrong game to play DiRT. By DiRT is made ??as to the race cars collide. The collision stronger the more attractive, more real and more highlights the character of the game. The more collisions, the better your race car crumpled, crushed, distorted, glasses are broken, the door was thrown ... There is no limit to the destruction of your vehicle through collision.But that's DiRT, racing or racing down a really! It seems to force the player to enjoy the character of the collision, the race in DiRT is making hoax players than any game racing public. But in return, the impressive image of the race around the world will not make you be disappointed. And DiRT also meticulous detail to produce the effect of dust came blind, mud Splatters up bodywork, wheel blur to add lifelike.

Part play an improvement brings many challenges

Add one more possible compliment for DiRT system's menu, very friendly and quite impressive, very useful to first become familiar with the genre. But besides the great, still a few pebbles. For example, it seems the cars racing in DiRT seem often fared flying above the road surface instead of sticking the track. This does not give the player the feeling of weight vehicle. And the sound of DiRT is not really excelled commensurate with its image. However, it is clear DiRT is a very good racing game to play, and certainly will please many discerning riders.

- The race car weighing somewhat lacking, so often fly over pavement.
- Sounds not excelled.
- Difficulty: Medium
- Time acquainted: approximately 1 hour.

I utilized it for a month and saw a discernible distinction in myself. Presently I don't short of going out with my companions and so forth.
Iq option

players who have no expectation of playing for genuine cash in any case and that it just puts a strain on the help group with no real result.

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