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Cold, tho?t hidden escape in the darkness ... Under cover of a glamor girl with red hair, body "fiery" and jacket after sharp blade arms , BloodRayne (BR ) seems to exemplify the most successful vampire in the area of entertainment than as seniors or Legacy of Kain Castlevania. However, as they say, later versions often appear under the influence of the previous version and unfortunate "internal strength" of BloodRayne 2 (BR2) are not enough "stamina" to "speed up" from the law This. The game continues to get bogged down in "footsteps" of the previous version with too many errors, plus a lack of depth gameplay ...

Queen of the Night

BR2 continuation of Rayne story, a woman in her second half blood, human and vampire. Sixty years have passed, since Rayne extinguish plot using supernatural powers, to dominate the world of Nazi organizations, under the advice of Kagan (father of Rayne). She continued to face the threat from the children of Kagan. This time, we seek to create a giant shield panels entitled "The Shroud", with the aim of covering the sky, ground isolated from the strong sun, the most dangerous weapon against the vampire species wide. Because if there is light, our body will quickly dissolve into nothingness. If the curtain "The Shroud" successfully erected, it would be the death knell for humankind, then the vampire species can calmly appear in daylight, using supernatural powers to commit Their crime. Rayne stands between two choices, either to become the savior of mankind, but must live hidden in the underworld, or to half vampire soul inside their lead became Queen of the World Soccer night ... The gameplay is not very attractive Overall, there are essentially no change BR2 new, innovative mainly from what was available in the first version. However, it is regrettable to BR2, because come "like a shadow" improvements were "backward" pull lag values ??BR2 to aim pretty average threshold. Save familiar weapons remains for twins worn on the wrist, she Rayne are variations much more attack moves continuous new (combo). The world focused primarily hit the batten and foot, with many different power. Then gently pressed hook kicks rival "pancaked" ground, heavy "urban" a bit, it launched attacks vortex insurance charges, flew multiple opponents around. The most powerful, not to mention the possibility of using for twins maturation of Rayne, when "export promotion" are like heaven, causing the enemy to be wary when you want to close ... More particularly, when combined with key rivals lock (Lock Target) Rayne will create more new moves (refer to Section Moves List in the game). A little observant, you will find this list a few seats are left empty for use as rewards when you overcome the difficult situation in the game. Most of them are very strong and special moves are applied frequently in the subsequent screen. Beside the twins for their favorite, Rayne is equipped with a valuable export Carpathian Dragons made ??from the bones of dragons , with the bullets extracted from the blood enemy. Towards the end, this weapon is used more efficiently by being constantly upgraded firepower and more varied features.The only downside of it is needed for blood work, so you have to "reload" frequently, if not it will automatically use the main source of blood to bullets Rayne! Just owning guns, look like you've had enough of: firearms, fire, fire bombs and grenade launchers.Additional features will be available after killing bosses. However, to say between the two concepts "strong" and "beautiful" in BR2 is still a big gap. Surely you will be very disappointed to learn that the battle BR2 not give us the feeling kindled kindled, revved up like Kratos region contemplating prestige brave Sword of Chaos double funding in God of War, and no the slashes "opening paint, broke jelly" as Devil May Cry, as no nice flexibility in fighting the prince of Persia. The way "combo" in BR2 less rich and beautiful in the game action on the matter, can not be reached between the moves seamlessly together. Rayne beats her quite slow, each finishing one combos, were "paused" for a moment before moving on to the next attack. This is the downside and the golden opportunity to grab your opponents, enlist donation bucket few punches before you fell over, of course, it takes a significant amount of blood. Even more difficult in the next screen, you have to fight with the ninja moves very fast hands, it is difficult to keep up. Of course, you still have many ways to finish off opponents quickly, but most veteran gamers will appreciate the game's combat system, because what they want to see is the screen tense clash, silenced Breathing and not use tricks to finish the game fast.

One defect is that the AI of the characters somewhat "ngáo". They are often the most preferred strategy is "throwing bodies" (ranging from 2 to 6 opponents at the same time); sometimes discovered you but do not attack immediately, but waiting for you to jump to "say hello" ... Fortunately, the "abnormal" is not present throughout the game. In the next screen, the battles more and charismatic when you have to fight with the monsters and vampire killers extremely violent, with speed to move very fast and strong. If not careful, you could hardly get over them since their first encounter. BR2 supplemented several elements commonly found in role-playing genre. It was the emergence of the Rage Point, a form of experience points earned after the player using fiber chain, throwing the enemy into special locations such as sharp steel bar, braziers burning unquenchable or Grinding machine with double jaw so good .... When the experience bar is full, blood column of Rayne will lengthen and also more powerful fighting force.Occasionally in some scenes, with the puzzle game skills help using chain deepens. limp form - Audio Excellence changes BR2, the graphics are sophisticated investors in the technology " peak current "such as real-time shadows, dynamic lighting brings the mysterious street scene, the flames flickering ... Quite especially the character models are built very soulful, typical that she looks sexy Rayne before (thanks polygon count increased significantly), then the monster is pretty superficial and cruel but duplication;however the model is quite rough and bad housing. Must add that quality cinematic footage looks worse than the "cut scene" by using the game's engine.

Game also made ??some other graphical errors occur as image overlap, causing some situations "half crying, half laughing". For example in the first screen, after defeating bosses will find his body "sinks" down the stairs below. Similarly, when Rayne is swinging on a pole, if so, the close attention of Rayne thigh as forceps through this column. Strangely enough, in a few cut scenes and subjects being "stuck" do not move to be in the camera kept panning to be shooting there that character again nowhere to be seen. Disappointed is an array performance applications physics in the game. But is "advertising" is to give players the skills to fight "more realistic", but these effects are made ??not as good as what they say. BR2 is a fantasy game, but it was hard to accept the heavy armor suddenly burst splattered when you just "waved" light, or when the object fell from a height of a few dozen meters, but the whole body stiff back, never expressed an emotional nuances of a living person as panic, throws her arms ... One other negative sign for BR2 on the sound, only 2 soundtracks. In an article which was too "land" (used in previous versions) and a common rock in the fierce battle. Part of the character lines listen unimpressive. Rayne continues with swaggering tone bit too far, but you go with him went quiet. Error lose characters or lines of dialogue becomes less unusual to the BR exactly 4 years ago, while other sounds like background music, environmental sounds are totally fluent! A game medium average can only comment so the BR2. Apparently, the success of the console version did for Majesco Games "sleeping" on a victory and as a result it had "favor" for the PC version is not really complete with many bugs from appearance (graphics, sound) to the inside (play).Undeniably, the game has made ??remarkable improvements: more complete picture, more intense gameplay ... but that was not enough. And so, as their ratings BR2 himself to the list of game "seasonal" to gamers choose when no other game.

Best plan for super text twist the game.

Take me back to the mountainside. Under the northern lights, chasing after the stars When we are full of life and the night is calm, there is no fear like fnaf
five nights at freddy's

BloodRayne 2 is one of the famous game  Photo Editing India Image Enhancement for pc Rayne female half.she played the main character of this game. This is the most successful vampire in the area of entertainment. We are really waiting for the new version of this game series.

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