guitar on Android crashes on monitor actions

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I am just finished setting up guitar with its Android release as a car navigation system. I use a Faytech 7 inch HDMI touch screen monitor which is also connected to the rear camera. The monitor can only switch to the rear camera by getting 12V+ on a dedicated input pin, which I achieved by connecting a switch between 12V+ and both the camera änd the monitor pin.

Every time I turn on the camera, the monitor changes the picture to the rear camera - and guitar crashes. This is a serious issue since it is the main purpose of the setup.

Guitar automatically starts anew, which then takes very long (gets the file system checked?).

Guitar also crashes if I change the screen layout by pressing a button on the monitor (upside down or mirroring) which happened accidentely and can be avoided.

Guitar and monitor are supplied by separate 12V car batterys, so it cannot be a power surge or -drop on the power input. But maybe on the HDMI side. Or some HDMI-specific signal gets interrupted and I need a different HDMI setting or cable. Only I cannot lose audio over HDMI...

It did not happen with Odroid C1+ (which broke down) nor with rpi 3 (which cannot run Android well).

Any ideas?
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