What are the similarities between sociology and education?

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Sociology is identified with education since it is a factor in how an understudy learns and carries on in a school setting.

Sociology is an investigation of socialization among mankind. In the event that one comprehends a man's social encounters, he or she may see precisely the sort of understudy that individual might be.

You can't generally look at education and sociology.

Sociology is a branch of science which thinks about the behavior of populaces on the loose. This would incorporate such things as 'Gathering Think'.

Education is an organization in learning and educating happens.

We would find out about sociology in a social investigations class, however, that is about to the extent the examination can be made. Sociology contemplates substantial populaces of individuals, similar to every one of the general population of a whole nation or the greater part of the general population in an aggregate populace that fit certain criteria.

The investigation of brain research would be more valuable to comprehend a solitary people behavior or encounters when attempting to show them something.

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