!! Device not certified by Google!! - Play Store unusable!

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Because of my issue with the HDMI display (my post from April 15th "Guitar on Anroid crashes...") I tried to connect the rear camera to the device via a stk1160 usb video catcher. I had to recompile the kernel with the "analog_tv" option and "stk1160" module enabled and make a new firmware.

Now Google Play is not usable any more because of the device not being certified by Google.

Without success I followed the steps from the following page to register my device with Google.
https://www.xda-developers.com/g ... stom-rom-whitelist/

Google complains the Android Device Id not being 16 digits long, but it is.

The command for retrieving the android_id mentioned by Google (see below) does not work, I get the messages:
1. adb root does not work on production devices
2. sqlite3 command not found.

What can I do?


*$ adb root
  $ adb shell 'sqlite3 /data/data/com.google.android.gsf/databases/gservices.db "select* from main where name = \"android_id\";"'

Maybe I can inject the new kernel and modules into the previous build? I did not find out how.

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Is there no way to flash a selfbuilt kernel to Lemaker Guitar running Androiid on MMC?

Normally it is done by fastboot, but it does not recognize the device.

The easiest way would be to unpack and repack Lemaker Android firmware, but I cannot find any tool for that.

Please help, otherwise the device is useless for me and the purchase price wasted.

Anybody there?

It is REALLY important and surely not only for me!

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