Pi 3 Connectivity Issue (Ethernet/WiFi)

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I am attempting to set up an SSH connection between my pi and desktop as per a tutorial I am following, I have encountered an issue with connecting with the internet via both WiFi and ethernet. My pi recognises the available WiFi networks and is able to pick up my home router, clicking on the router allows me to enter the relevant password and seemingly lets me connect. As far as I can tell the pi thinks it is connected and, when I check my router settings, I can see that the router has an established connection with the pi. The problem is that, despite the apparent connection, the pi seems unable to receive any data and I cannot access the internet either via browser or the update commands. Similarly, with an ethernet cable connected my router will recognise the raspberry pi but my pi remains unable to utilise the internet in any fashion.This is my first time ever dealing with the pi and I'm struggling to troubleshoot this solo, does anyone have any idea why my pi is not accessing the internet?

Please help

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