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Open Source OS for Smartphones/Tablets ?

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HI everybody,

Seeking for advises here. For internet access, I only use the computer and the connection available at work. And for calls, still use a wired phone and an old Nokia cell-phone. I wish to get something else in order to also have access to internet at home or while travelling.So, the "smartphones" offer that possibility but the problem is : which one ?
Not looking for something full of useless gadgets, or used to play games or watch HD movies, etc. That would be mainly for checking emails, reading news, etc., nothing special or that requests high performance devices. As they are often described as "tracking devises", I wish to use something, both for the hardware and software, that are privacy-friendly.

Already having a camera and a movie camera, I don't mind at all what the smartphone offers, phones are for calls and communications, not for photography. So the focuses are on privacy, user-friendliness (installation, applications, updating, upgrading), security, speed.Is there a brand more recommended than the others, and why, for instance among these:
Samsung, Alcatel, Huawei, Archos, Motorola, LG, ASUS, Sony, Nokia, Wiko, Lenovo, CAT.

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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