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FreeBSD 10.0 on Banana

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Hello Tom ! Can you please post your script for building the FreeBSD image ? NetBSD looks okay, but current U-boot .dts was removed day ago, providing it is buggy I know there are some other versions of U-boot, which one you have used ?

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At pages 1 and 2 of this thread there is information already - U-boot versions tested:
U-boot 2013.07-07794-gc0f3b94
U-boot 2014.04-10700-g4e19806
U-boot 2014.04-10693-gf954935
I've used the last one.

Is networking working under NetBSD? If yes, then we need VLANs, If they are here - we can now prepare bare-metal OS for router.
EDIT: I'm giving this another shot - rebuilding FreeBSD 11.x for ARM from scratch.

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