Totally quiet/silent boot

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Hi Guys,
I am using banana pi with bananian. I want to have a totally quiet boot with no messages. I used to have that with lvds display, but now with the HDMI display, I have a messages from uboot. The messages are till the message "Starting kernel". After that my splash screen appears. How to rid off those messages from uboot? I have in my boot.cmd the quiet and loglevel 0 etc. With LVDS it is working.
Hi there, according to my research, the easiest way will be to replace the uboot builded with some quite options. I found this:,_script.bin_and_linux-kernel
and this ... he_bootable_SD_card
and this ... t-bpi-update/4023/8

After reading those links i downloaded and buit uboot. After that i tried to update uboot with dd from my host and using bpi-bootsel script. Every time i am getting the hang on boot. My guess is that i build u-boot in incorrect way, maybe i have to change to some specific branch? Have someone done this before and want to help me?


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