Problem syncing with Android micro SD card

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The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5. When I use FreeFileSync to sync about 100 GB of MP3s into the 128 GB micro SD card, the syncing goes flawlessly the very first time, when there's no files in the directory of the micro SD card where the files are being synced into. The problem is when doing further syncing. FreeFileSync will DELETE all the previously sinced files and do the syncing all over again, as if the directory was empty or all the files had been updated and, therefore, all of them have to be replaced.I found that the problem has to do with the fact that, when being copied to the micro SD card the first time, the files' attributes (date and time of creation, modification, etc.) are changed to the present moment (probably by Android, but also possibly by FreeFileSync). This, of course, will make FreeFileSync think the next time that the synced files DO NOT MATCH the original files and that's why it will start the syncing all over again.Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Is there a setting, either in Android or FreeFileSync, that can be tweaked to solve this problem?

Any help will be apprecited.

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