Mafia Game Online, which is your favorate game?

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Harlin fondly recalls throwing himself into first project, Mafia Game Online, working 15 hour days with minimal sleep to ensure delivering the "best-sounding score" he possibly could. He later penned the music for The Old Republic which was much bigger in scope and thus allowed him to experiment and grow as a composer. He crafted "hours and hours" of music, which he feels allowed him to produce some of his best work. Star Wars 1313, on the other hand, was a different story entirely.
"That was really hard," admits Harlin. "I didn’t know for a fact that the game was cancelled until the day the company shut down. While we had a bad feeling the company was going to close, we didn’t have any advanced actual confirmed warning. In fact it was the opposite." In early 2013, office murmurs and hearsay prompted LucasArts employees to question their place in the studio. GDC was fast approaching, which would present ample opportunity to seek new employment, however Harlin et al were told not to worry. A month later, Harlin tells me, everybody was let go. Visit Mafia City official site to know more about this game.

Love the game. free chips wsop

I love rooftop snipers because it's kid of mafia game... When you play you will understand what I'm talking about

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