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However,Mens Air Vapormax Plus 2018 even if there are such considerations at the upper level, the position of the poetry at this time has at least reached a brilliant position in the overall pattern. If you can really write a good poem, it is definitely where you go. There will be no lack of respect and courtesy and elegant atmosphere. This is the mark of an era. Since the Tang Dynasty, the rich and colorful poetry culture has been precipitated here as the background of the entire society. The most shining part of the history of civilization development is that numerous masterpieces such as Xingdou Hengsha represent the most important part of the Cheng-Han civilization.

  At this Nike Air VaporMax Plus Black Black-Team Red-Hyper Violet time, in the city of Jiangning, Wuyi Lane and Fuzimiao are the busiest and most prosperous commercial streets. In these places, there are display cards displayed by the merchants. The poems that can be drawn at each poetry session successively Gathered over, occasionally someone sings aloud, and some merchants arrange singers to sing for a while. On the streets, in nearby teahouses, and in large and small gatherings, literati students shook their heads and sang for the best. The poetry, the poetry of who criticized who can sing for the longest time, even if the unsuccessful reading of the city people Xiaomin, in this atmosphere can also feel this kind of artistic conception, with the personal assessment of comments, touched some elegant atmosphere.

  The six boats Cheap Nike VaporMax Plus Trainers Anthracite Black-White in Liyuan have long since left the bank and slowly travel along the most beautiful and lively part of the river. Even so, it is not closed. More than a dozen boats follow the banks of the Qinhuai River on both sides. Driving along the way, occasionally people went to the big boat, occasionally carrying people or passing poetry to make it, like a small fish with the water palace. The people on the boat will pass up tonight's masterpieces, and they will also be informed of stories and news. For example, some big people at the banquet announced to whom to distort their Nike Air Max 2018 Womens daughters, or which well-known characters praised the poems Young students.

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