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Ning Yi Mens Nike Air Vapormax Plus TN and Qin Lao played chess in the nearby streets. He only knew that the other party lived here, but he hadn't been there before. At this time, she entered the door with her father-in-law, and she saw in the living room an old man who was holding a scroll of ancient Jane. At this time, his demeanor was serious and even revealed an imposing prestige. He was quite different from the attitude of playing a chess game at the river. When someone came in, he looked up and blinked for a few seconds before he responded. It seemed to be a bit of a dumb smile. As the father-in-grand smiled and walked past, she had no words, and he nodded. After all, what is most needed now is what is clear at a glance.

  'Let Xiao Hong Nike Air Max 2018 Mens prepare hot water, take care of your mother, you're going to get Dalang's clothes out... Haha, Li Heng's little friend, what's the matter with you?'

  After the Nike Air VaporMax Mens business arrangements were finished, the old man only laughed. The laughter was accompanied by a masterful gloat in chess. In fact, these days of playing chess are also considered familiar. The old man often bluntly calls him his constant kid. Perhaps it was only when he saw him being embarrassed that he only said Xiaoyou with a smile, but his expression was quite happy. Ning Yi also helplessly smiled and spread out his hand. After all, the Cheap Nike VaporMax All Black Shoes other party was not there. He could not casually say, 'You old man gloated.'

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