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Compared Mens Air Vapormax Plus 2018 with the vast Sujia Courtyard in Jiangning City, the Qin family's house is not large, and the level of wealth is not as good as it is, but it can be considered a good rich family. Well-organized, people feel full, full of book aroma and life of the house, there is a kind of make people feel practical details. Although in the morning her aunt was going out and picking out fruits and vegetables in person, in fact, there were also several members of the family at home, and families who could afford several servants were still economically good.

  Qin Lao's Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2018 Brown Yellow original wife was a fairly easy-to-give woman. He used to be a peasant woman, but she did not have the kind of petty or mean character of an ordinary peasant woman. Now she is in her fifties, and she is always on this day and she is serving some fruits. Only when Ning Yi saw the waste garden from which the father and mother picked up the fruits, it was Mrs Qin who led the family to open it out. Qin Lao himself was probably moving. Maybe it is also this kind of temperament that can make this house well organized, and the relationship between Mrs. Qin and her nephew is good. Such a couple of three people may be considered as a model family under polygamy.

  After Ning Nike Air VaporMax Plus Black Black-Team Red-Hyper Violet Yi had a hot bath and put on new clothes, Mrs. Qin looked at his dress up and down. She liked it very much: “Master, Ning Gongzi put on this clothes, but it was somewhat similar to Dalang.” Ning Yi took a look at the clothes, it was indeed a young man's style, the fabric is also new, want to come is Qin old son's clothes. The old man has two sons, all in the field. Listening to what Madame said, Qin Laod nodded, and later asked why Ning Yi was falling down the river. Ning Yi told the Cheap Nike VaporMax Plus Trainers Anthracite Black-White unfortunate things that happened before and the old man laughed.

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