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Haha, Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes but one day I suddenly  felt that if you put together a piece of poetry, or may have a different  flavor, Kang Lao does not think it? There is a beautiful woman in the  north-west, since the southeast branch. Raise his head to the moon, hanging  from the southeast branch. People, self-suspended southeast branch. Ancient  saints are lonely, only self-suspended southeast branch. Since the ancient  times, no one died, it is better to hang southeast branch......

  Kang Lao shook his head: Involving predecessors, be sure to be  rigorous. Among the words, there is something funny, but there is also a bit of  vigilance, while Qin Lao on the other side is looking at other things, this  time saying : When does the moon come ...? Kang Lao said: Mostly, I have to  hang my southeast branch ... and laughed.

  Then Qin Nike  Air VaporMax Flyknit 2018 Brown Yellow Lao took a charcoal strip to  refer to the first few sentences: The same is also a patchwork, but I do not  know the source, but I would like to come and always made, huh, huh, red crisp  hand, yellow rattan wine ... behind the bad reception, this Two yellow cicadas  Cui Liu Liu, a line of egrets on the blue sky down is a sentence ... and three  mountains and a half blue sky outside, two water points Egret Island ... good  mood ah, when it is another poem ...

  He used charcoal Nike  Air Max 2017 Mens sticks to enclose these phrases, and he segregated Red Crispy  Hand and Yellow Rattan Wine and Long Booth Outside, Ancient Road Edge. After  looking at it slightly, he drew another one in the middle, probably thinking  that these two sentences should also be Not one, Kang Xian also nodded: This is  two. Then look at Ning Yi. Ning Yi was somewhat admired. If he had read these  twelve words under such circumstances, he might know that they were sentences  in a poem. After all, the neatness was still neat and tidy, and the words were  generally long. Sufficient to make such a turn. The twelve characters are not  very good, Nike  Air Max 2018 Womens but the two eyes are just instinct, they will be divided  between the two.

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