Could this issue be with the programmer or the camera?

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I have two SG550's and recently have been having some issues with them. When I plug in the programming remote and switch the camera to "on", the cam makes 3 or 4 quick beeps while displaying the normal screen, then the screen goes to blank blue. I thought maybe the batteries were low, but I've replaced them in both cams twice. Since I can't change any of the settings, I just turned the camera on and set it into the woods to see if they still take pics. One would take pictures and the other wont.

I only have one programming remote(lost the other one). Could this issue be with the programmer or the camera?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you

It looks like a major issue. The screen changes to the blank blue after 3 or 4 quick beeps are a very complicated issue for the user of the camera. I don't think it is an issue connected to the battery mango bbq sauce.

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