Anyone here have a problem with them ?

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Anyone here have a problem with them.  I have 2 sets of them in 2 identical 2x12 cabs and the first set started to give a buzzing noise when playing a bassier note.  I thought I may have blown them cuz i dimed a Marshall through them, but now the second set I'm starting to notince it and I never played as nearly as that loud out of them yet.  They are 200 watters each so i figured diming a Marshall would be alright, but now im thinking it's something else, but then again Joe cranks his amps out of them night after night so is it just me?  I am pretty positive its the speakers cuz both of my amps do it on both dirty and clean channels - especially on the first set.  I'm totally confused.  Its a shame cuz I really like these speakers a lot, they are expensive and I haven't even had them that long.  The amps I'm using are a Mesa Lonestar and Fuchs ODS, both are heads.

Please help.

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Thank you

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