Burned diode D5

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Hello, I need help . I burned diod D5 and I don `t know marking diode.
Please take a photo of this diode D5(I need marking code this diode).
Sorry for my google translate.

marking code is "S4"


It's 1N5819        (SCHOTTKY DIODE) package type:SOD123

Thank you all for your answers

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The con3 pin can not connect with 5V voltage.

hello, today I burned it to((( tomorrow will go to buy it, please write your fix results.

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Everything is perfectly
Banana IP is running

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Okay mine just passed the powersmokes on its own :/ wasn't doing any kind of test and suddenly burning smell and smoke started rising . Contacted the seller but if they don't want to replace this board it's DIY time

Are either of these compatible to use as replacement?

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   All high speed Shottky diode with minimum Forward Continuous Current 1A, and minimum Reverse Voltage about ~40V are good.

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