Burned diode D5

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Okay, thanks for info

I have the same problem too!
Using a powered USB-Hub which worked for months on the Raspberry Pi burned the diode D5. I had measured the voltage on the USB connector of the hub before plugging it into the BPI - was under 0,7V - but the BPI smoked some secondes after pluging it in. :-((
But also after repairing the diode the BPI shows no reaction after power on (no LED). It consumes 550mA and the AXP290 becomes warm/hot. But nothing happens.
What else can be crashed?

Reply 12# erichabg

Probably AXP209 is burned...

Reply 13# sylwek2k

That means I can put it into the trash!
Sorry BPI developers but this is big crap.  Using a powered USB hub crashes the BPi - and not only mine. Have you forgotten the appropriate precautions that are standard on other devices?  As mentioned the Raspberry Pi works without problems with this hub for months.
Up to now I was a fan of the BPi but I now wonder if there are not better alternatives in the market.


Reply 14# erichabg

   Sorry, but... "backpower" from Powered Hub to the master device is.... design flaw of USB hub.
This is not normal in a well-designed device. When you plug in power adaptor to the USB hub, USB hub should disconnect power line from master device.

Same problem! Burned D5 after using powered usb hub.
I agree to sylwek2k this is a design problem by usb hub.
However Banana-Pi hardware-developeres have to know about usualy bad designs in usb-hubs!

I love BPi and wont back to RPi ... its there a workaround? Any usb-hub (active) recommend without bad design?

Same ! Burned D5 on one of my BPi's.
I was not backpowering from USB as I think it should not be done.
I had two wifi dongles plugged and nothing more. The board started to become very, very hot near the mini-USB DC-IN, and then the D5 diode was burning.
I think BPi designers should look into this with top priority and correct this ASAP.

Reply 16# Sunzi
is there a workaround?

To be absolutely sure you could cut the +5v line of the hub's connector.
Search the forum forum for a similar post where someone has posted detailed pics and all.

Reply 17# HWL_Stouf
Seems the 1Amp rating of the diode was maxed out in your case...powering two wifi dongles.
Probably a 2amp part would have survived.

Reply 12# erichabg

You could remove the U14 boost converter and see.
Maybe U14 is shorted out and is causing the AXP to shut down.

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