It��s not uncommon for everyone to

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It��s not uncommon for everyone to be able to talk about the birds. But will you watch the birds, have you heard of it? Recently, my family has come to such a small guest. It is very happy and hat day, I ran to the door of the house with a breathless breath. I was pressing the doorbell and suddenly heard: "Come back, come back!" I would like to think that it is a grandmother, but after thinking about it, my grandmother will not speak Chongqing dialect! I opened the door with curiosity Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, and there was a black and shiny black guy in the middle of the living room, bigger than the ordinary bird, with a flash of light in his eyes, a big spat like a spatula, a red hot dog, and a long With a pair of beautiful hanging ears Marlboro Red 100S, don't expect its hair style to be quite individual. In the middle point (to be honest, I always feel like a bandit, a bird is not listed) Newport 100S, it not only looks good, but also makes it very attractive. People love. I only know when I asked, the sound of the clear and lively voice was just sent out. I heard that it is called Huanhuan, and there are many stunts! My mother��s colleague was pinned in my house for a few days. Because it is a bird trained by Chongqing people, speaking is a dialect. Just because of its arrival, I really brought a lot of laughter to our family. You gave me a hand for a while. I took the basketball and took it as a pastime. Because of the poor basketball skills, I will be taken from time to time. Basketball is in the body, but it does not disregard me. I just raised the basketball Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and it gave a cry of admiration: "Hey--" seems to be cheering for my skills, which makendmother had just dragged the ground, there was still water left on the ground, and the mood was too excited. When I walked there, I almost slipped. When my heart just calmed down, the little guy sighed and said: "There is a scorpion Cigarettes Cheaper. Relationship!" I was so angry that I rushed to the cage door and said to it: "Stupid, the bird is a bird, or a stupid bird!" es showed himself out of time. On that day, my whole family was quietly reading a book. It was talking to himself, and said: "Come back! Come back!" After a while, I kept mourning: " Hello! Hello!" Even the nerves shouted my nickname "Ogawa!" The feeling is like thiicked up by the owner soon. I was surprised that when I left, I didn��t say anything else. I just kept saying ��bye bye! Bye!�� Listening to its tone, it��s still so happy, never Sad, I can't hope that this bird will only laugh and not sigh.
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