Mafia City: How to Change Languages in this mafia game?

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Mafia City: How to Change Languages

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. Sci-fi or more realistic, linear or open-world, single online mafia games player or multiplayer? Both mafia games are certainly worth your time and attention, but for now, these are the main divides to choose between.
Even as the game transitions out of the 1940s and into the '50s, Mafia City's waxy lighting remains consistently arresting, casting pools of gold and yellow on windscreens.
A special trailer was released to announce that to celebrate the mafia game’s 15 years of crime and violence, all 3 mafia games will be available through Steam as part of a bundle.
Mafia City: How to Take Over a District from a Boss
It should be in enough that it's always in the background, still in the h5 games online center of your experience. They acknowledge you as a black man in the South in 1968. They are aware of the power dynamics. We want the player to have an awareness of what their "place" in the world is at this time, and how they're seen. And they're not seen as people by the enemy combatants. They're seen as "that nigger over there that needs to be dealt with."
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