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what would be the best distribution for a beginner?

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Recently I have decided to ditch Windows and install Linux on all my computers but I've ran into some troubles and I'm hoping that someone can give me some answers. I've done some research and I've decided to try Linux Mint and I've downloaded Cinnamon version.

One computer has and Intel G3420 processor and the install went without any issues. This computer will be used by my parent just for web surfing.
The other computer has an AMD A8-7600 APU processor with integrated graphics. I will be using it for surfing the web and some light gaming (need steam). I have tried to install all kind of display drivers from the AMD download center but in most cases the result was not good and I had to reinstall Linux. It seems I have no clue what I'm doing. I am stuck. Do I need to install any drivers or the latest Linux distribution has them included? I couldn't find any Catalyst Control Center.

Also...what would be the best distribution for a beginner? Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce or KDE? I've read on the forums that most users prefer Xfce because it runs better with old hardware and gives less crashes.

Please help.

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Thank you.
the best distribution for the beginners is Safari can't Establish a Secure Connection which is very useful.

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