In summer, the most beautiful i

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In summer, the most beautiful is the beautiful and quiet nightthe summer night, a cool breeze dispelled the heat of the day, and the earth was silent. Every night, looking up at the stars, a gray-blue sky, like a mirror, hanging overhead. It is so mysterious and so quiet. A bright moon has become a "light" in the sky. The moon shyly hid in the clouds, and the white clouds hid the moon as tightly as the veil on the bride's cover. For a moment, the moon seemed to be curiously drilled. It illuminates the surrounding clouds, spilling the bright silver glow on the world, listening to tears, the moon seems to have fallen, and hid in the clouds and went home to take it. The delicate face of the moon disappeared again. Looking at this round of the moon, I seem to see my sister dancing in the Guanghan Palace. I seem to see the lively jade rabbit in the medicine. I seem to have seen the laurel tree that Wu Gang is about to fall. what! The night sky is beautifulat it, a sparkling little star is even more moving. The stars in the sky are full of brilliance. For a moment, like a small eye with eyes open, a bright pearl for a while, and a brilliant diamond that the gods sprinkle. If you are lucky, you may see a meteor shower, and the young girl will make a wish for the meteor shower, just like this meteor shower is a bottle of aspirational desire. The lush trees are still looking up at the stars. The bright dew on the tree is like the stars in the sky Cigarettes For Sale. A cool breeze passes, and the grass nods to the stars. Crystal dew, the evening breeze, the twinkling stars, plus the music of the violin and the singing of the nightingale Marlboro Cigarettes, form a beautiful summer night view.summer nights are so intoxicating, and even the flowers are intoxicated by this beauty. They bow their heads and have already entered a sweet dream. night slowly darkened, but the blue sky became more beautiful. The green leaves have become more green. As soon as the wind blew, it danced "brushing". Everything in the night has become beautiful. Looking at this scene Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, I don't want to leave. There is such a poem in my mind: "The moon is like a bright light; the sky is like a chess piece. The big tree is green, the pearl is shining on the leaf. Photographed, summer night is the most beautiful." This is to praise this quiet, harmonious summer night and painted Marlboro Gold, this poem wrote all my feelings for summer night. what! Summer night Cigarette Online, you make me intoxicated.
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