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From small to large, I have always had great interest in water conservancy projects! Because I am curious about how it tamed a raging river? How to use these water conservancy projects for the benefit of the people! On September 24th, 2013, under the leadership of the school teacher, I came to the School of Water Resources and Hydropower of Sichuan University. Through the visit, I had some shallow understanding of the mysterious water conservancy project. I came to the School of Hydropower, the first thing that caught our eye was a huge map of China, which depicts every river and every river in China, and on this map, we saw each of the water conservancy projects. The detailed location and construction time Marlboro Gold, then the lecturer Ayi took us to a simulation site. There are various models of reservoirs, hydropower stations and hydrodynamic devices on the simulation site. First we saw a simulated mountain. The lecturer Aunt told us : Because soil erosion can't intercept rainwater Marlboro Cigarettes Online, rainwater mixed with mud down to form landslides and mudslides Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, forming a natural disaster that is extremely harmful, causing incalculable losses. But unfortunately Marlboro Lights, this rockery can be started normally and simulates the rain, showing us the power of the mudslide, but for the project to be demonstrated next, there is enough water, so the equipment is not activated. Next, we came to the terrain simulation model of the old Beichuan County. Here, the waterway will change from one to two, and the sediment in the water will be deposited here. Over time, the riverbed will be lifted by the accumulated sediment. High, every year as long as the rainy season, the water will rise to the shore to form a flood, so Beichuan County moved to the location and the two waterways also repaired the dam and filter device. Then go down again, we came to the last water conservancy project of the visit: Baihetan Hydropower Station model. The lecturer Aunt told us that the dam is 289 meters high and is the highest hydropower station in the world, with an installed capacity of 16,000 mw and a discharge capacity of 44,000 m3/s. The most shocking thing is that the energy release of this hydropower station's 12~10 minutes flow is equivalent to an atomic bomb. The students are all very surprised when they open their mouths! I took pictures and asked my aunt about the issues I was interested in.flies so fast, and the half-day visit is over. This time I visited the Institute of Water and Electricity, although the time was short, it made me gain a lot. Not only expanded my horizons but also increased my knowledge Cigarettes Online. I believe that visiting the Water Conservancy Academy will definitely make me unforgettable!
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