No doubt, of the pressure to make it bigger than Mafia City

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The Family Kick-Back is an optional paid DLC, and the tenth unlockable car is the Griffin Marauder which looks like this:
The slick presentation, impressive facial animation, Mafia City game and solid voice performances fail to disguise the fact that this is a wholly unoriginal and joyless revenge story.
Playing as a black war veteran in a segregated city is a compelling concept, but Clay is a deeply uninteresting character, whose place in the world is more interesting than anything he does or says in it.
At this camp, you can train your troops. Tap on it, then choose a unit and train it. Trained units can be deployed or dispatched for the battles.
The gang members who work for your cartel are divided into two factions. The bulk of your forces is made up of Falcones who are the muscle on the streets and work to keep control over your territory. These Falcones might sometimes get kidnapped for ransom or sending a message to you by rival cartels. In fact the every first mission in the game requires you to destroy a Rival Cartel Finca and free your kidnapped Falcones.

Drive near one of the AI humans on foot and their preset reactions kick in, launching them in a seemingly random direction. Sometimes, this would be toward safety; more regularly, they'd hurl themselves into speeding traffic.
A result, no doubt, of the pressure to make it bigger than Mafia City. But it really didn’t have to be. A smaller, more lovingly crafted game-world is always better than a sprawling, forgettable one.

When it gets to the Italian verse, they mumble, too embarrassed to admit they don’t know the words. Mafia City a funny game when it wants to be, with a sense of humour similar to Scorsese’s gangster flicks. These moments of comedy break up the action, and stop it from becoming too repetitive—although later shootouts can be a seemingly endless slog of popping in and out of cover.
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