Ghost touches - Screen gets random touch inputs

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In the top left part of the screen inputs are done at random intervals. Sometimes there are minutes in between inputs, sometimes it fires like a machine gun, opening the status bar rapidly and uncontrollable. I enabled the show touches option in the developer options and it seems to have the exact same x-coords every time (192.6). The y-coords are varying along the top 3cm of the screen.
On the net I found sort alike problems with other phones and everywhere people point to the digitizer and recommend to send it back, which sounds like a good idea if I weren't on a year long travel. Do more people have this issue? I know there are replacement screens available on Ali, but as I expect a short or wobbly contact instead of a failing unit a cleaning would hopefully be enough. How difficult is it to open this phone and do the fixing myself? Would it require (de)soldering to get to the digitizer cable?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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