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1. We downloaded the Lebuntu prebuilt binaries and flashed it on Hikey970 and it is working.

2. We see that currently it is using Linux version 4.9.78-147538-g244928755bbe.

3. We tried to download Linux source code from 96boadrs git hub (hikey970-v4.9), but we didn't find the "244928755bbe" commit.
4. Where can we get Linux source code for Hikey-970 with same commit as above.



+1, I have the exact same question (even if i use Lebian on my side ) .

Linux version 4.9.78-147538-g244928755bbe ->    Lebian v1.0.0 from 09 July 2018,00:00
Linux version 4.9.78-147536-g7304d83b6c94 ->    Kernel built from https://github.com/96boards-hikey/linux/tree/hikey970-v4.9

It looks like we lack 2 commits...
Does anyone have an idea where we can find the latest and greatest Hikey970's kernel source code please?

Thanks & regards,

Hi VIkram, all,

I have maybe found where this commit is : https://github.com/hihope-hikey/linux/commits/hikey970-v4.9
It is a forked repo of 96boards-hikey's repo.

https://github.com/hihope-hikey/ ... 4fd55eba150eb2b822f

Hope this helps,

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