Mafia City is an indie video game written and directed by Sam Barlow

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Her Story is an indie video game written and directed by Sam Barlow. The video game features live-action police interview footage of a young female and pins the players to solve a murder investigation. Gamers must go through a series of video clips and uncover files that will lead to what really happened to Hannah Smith’s husband.
If you’re a fan of the cult TV series Twin Peaks, then chances are you’ve come across the video game Dead Premonition. mafia games free, It’s quite easy to see where developers Access Games received their inspirations when creating the game narrative. Within the game, players become an FBI agent who is sent to a small town within the United States in order to solve a murder. While investigating the murder it becomes obvious that there’s an otherworldly presence taking control of the town.
Based on the Fables comic book series, The Wolf Among Us is another hit from developers Telltale Games. Overall, the game is set within an American town that that features outcasts from your beloved fairy tale stories. Now hiding in the human world, players take on the role of Bigby Wolf, once known as the Big Bad Wolf, who must keep the fables in check in order to avoid unwanted attention. When a string of murders starts to occur, Bigby begins to investigate who is responsible for the heinous crimes.
Really, there are a number of entries we could have included from the Batman Arkham series and all of which are well worth playing. To avoid flooding the list with a number of entries from the same franchise, we decided to include the first title from the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Within the game, players take on the role of the dark knight who becomes trapped in Arkham Asylum. It becomes your quest to take out loose criminals and restore order within the infamous prison.

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