Chelsea coach Sarri: New system, new 'boss', new roles

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Chelsea had an impressive 3-0 victory over Huddersfield on the day Maurizio Sarri made his Premier League debut. The Italians show that his Chelsea move has been kicked off.
New coaches, new system
In the starting lineup of Chelsea at John Smith only two new players are goalkeeper Kepa and midfielder Jorginho. However, the Chelsea system has completely changed. Instead of the three central defenders under Antonio Conte, Sarri has revealed a 4-3-3 Chelsea side.
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Sarri is probably delighted by the way Chelsea players adapt to the new system and style of play. Chelsea had 63% possession and 88.3% respectively. In the Premiership last season, only seven games in the Blues had a higher possession percentage and only two matches more accurately. "Sarri-ball" is forming.

"The boss" Jorginho
Sarri's change of duties was made easier by the appearance of Jorginho. In the first match of the Jorginho in the English Premier League, the midfielder has scored on the spot 11m. But that is not the most impressive factor that Jorginho brought.
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Jorginho scored strongly when playing as "boss" on the pitch. He was involved in most of Chelsea's phases with the highest pass rate (93.9%). The Brazilian-born midfielder also gives regular moves to the players around him. In addition, Jorginho also shows the importance when Chelsea do not own the ball. He has five clearances, most on the pitch.

Kante's new role
Jorginho's appearance pushed Kante to a new position. The Frenchman is no longer a scanner in the midfield but plays a deflected midfield role in the 4-3-3 scheme. Kante only had a few days of training to get used to his new role but he adapted very quickly.

Kante seems to enjoy being allowed to play more attacks. The 27-year-old has scored the opening goal for Chelsea against Huddersfield. In the previous three seasons in the Premiership, Kante scored just one goal per season. Will this season, Kante's goals increase?
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