Smalling reveals the secret to staying healthy every day

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Midfielder Chris Smalling has revealed he has become a vegetarian and that it will help keep him healthy and play more games for United.
According to Smalling, his wife Sam Cooke persuaded him to give up all kinds of meat, fish and dairy products to switch to a diet of fruits and vegetables. cap nhat lien tuc Link Sopcast Uzbekistan vs Bangladesh 24h

"My wife has been vegan for a few years and often tries to persuade me. She cooks a lot at home and half of me also choose to eat vegetarian." After a while, I started to let go of beef. The reason is because it causes quite a lot of inflammation and I have tendonitis, which is quite a lot of players, "said defender Smalling.

"Beef causes a lot of inflammation and when I cut down, tendinitis is reduced, it's been a big deal for startups and it's a nightmare. My tendon is better and I feel less affected, "Smalling said. ty le cuoc va Soi kèo Nhật Bản vs Nepal

The case of Smalling is not rare in the English football league. Former players under the M.U include Jermain Defoe (Bournemouth) or Hector Bellerin (Arsenal) also said no to protein.

"Now I have been vegan, and I've been playing a lot of matches and it's usually the second day after a game that is the worst time I've ever felt tired, but now I'm recovering very quickly." , the England midfielder revealed.

In the last season, Smalling has played 46 games on the fronts for the M.U, more than the 2016/17 season 10 and the 2014/15 season 17 games. Since moving to M.U in 2010, there is only one season in which Smalling plays more than the 2017/18 season, which is the 2015/16 season, when he has a total of 55 appearances. Soi kèo Thái Lan vs Qatar chinh xac nhat hien nay

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