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I Wish Mafia City Would Just Let Me Play Ball
A great thing about sports, whether in real life or in videogames, is that they’re not particularly complicated. Sure, they have online mafia rules, some more complex than others, but outside of that, there’s not much to them. Excluding professional wrestling, their only drama is generally the natural conflict of competition.
I wish this were the case with Mafia City. It is a game that will just not let me play and enjoy itself.
The gameplay of Mafia City is pretty simple: players progress along a loosely linear path to compete in levels that offer different challenges or themes against characters all from the Mario series. In addition to the standard tennis maneuvers from games past, like lobs and slices, a variety of new special moves can be used, like Zone Shots, which can be activated to enter a separate mode where Mario can aim a powerful return, or Zone Speed, which lets Mario slow time while moving at full speed. Both are fueled by an energy gauge that is refilled by volleys against an opponent, or by using trick shots. Together, the many techniques can be orchestrated into a beautiful on-court chaos, which Mario uses to take down his enemies as he dominates matches across the map.
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