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Chelsea is still in the process of rebuilding, and Maurizio Sarri's latest move, in addition to squashing, is to remove a string of stubborn regulations under Antonio Conte to recreate the happy atmosphere at Stamford. Bridge.

Stamford Bridge is no longer a barracks
With the Chelsea players who lived under Antonio Conte, it was a nightmare. Homemade, carbonated drinks and pizza are completely removed from the canteen menu. Their diet is placed under strict scrutiny with limited options. doc ngay Soi kèo Kyrgyzstan vs Bahrain de co nhan dinh chinh xac

"My students need to eat grass and sweat blood" is the mantra that has followed Conte since he was in Juventus. And Eden Hazard and his teammates, in addition to abandoning their favorite dishes, have to train hard, run until exhausted and ... keep running. After being tired, they also have no time to relax. Too many rehearsals, too many tactical meetings, while very few days off. On the eve of each match, the players will be at the Chelsea Harbor Hotel to focus fully on the next 90 minutes. tran dau hom nay duoc Soi kèo Iran vs Triều Tiên  truc tiep và cap nhat lien tuc

Maurizio Sarri realizes that this policy needs to be lifted after catching the boredom in the dressing room. In an effort to rebuild the relaxed atmosphere, now the players do not need to spend the night at Chelsea Harbor. Instead, they were allowed to go home, have fun with their family, and just returned to the assembly before noon to prepare for the match. In addition, the menu at the cafeteria has also become richer with more favored dishes being allowed to reappear, and the intensity of exercise has also been reduced.

Continue lending policy
Along with cutting back on draconian regulations, Sarri is also trying to cut back on staff to create a more streamlined team. Although Tiemoue Bakayoko has arrived in Milan on loan, there are still seven central midfielders. It was too much when only three of them were integrated into the 4-3-3 scheme. ty le soi  keo chuan xac nhat Soi kèo Myanmar vs Saudi Arabia duoc cap nhat lien tuc

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