How to shut down Android?

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maybe simple but I don't know how to shutdown Android. Just unplug power and done?
Pls let me know.

Push the power button for like 3 seconds. If you hold it for 5, the whole thing kicks out, hold it for less and you lock the screen. If it all kicks out, pray you didn't corrupt anything (usually not a big deal, but you never know). If you lock the screen, hit power again to unlock it and try again. A pop-up appears saying it's shutting down, so that helps. Think of it like a phone and you'll get it.

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That's the risky way of doing it, and also inconvenient, as the BPi pushbuttons are not designed for human hands and their position is inside any normally designed cover anyway, so we're forced to stick toothpicks or matches through holes in the cover to do it. And in addition to that inconvenience there's also the risk of pressing the button too long and cause an immediate power-off with serious risk of corrupting both the SD card and any connected USB or SATA drives.

The proper way of doing it is to have an installed app capable of performing shutdown or reboot when told to do so by a normal mouseclick on an app button/menu entry.

I use a free app named "Quick Boot (Reboot)" for this purpose, but there are other free apps which can do the same.

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Thanks! Looks like the app thing is not that painfull. I will give this the first try.
Maybe the BananaPi People can add sthg like this into the next image?


I had the same problem with laptop's reader, then I used an external sd reader and I have solved the problem.

just use this app is shutdown by clicking Quick Shutdown

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