Man Utd crisis, Mourinho should be shared responsibility

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Jose Mourinho has done all but still can not change the situation at Old Trafford. However, the problem lies not in the "special person".

Manchester United conceded seven goals in just three Premier League games. Portuguese strategists have risked changing the game of the Reds. Rather than the usual style of safety, M.U performed speed and flaming football. tham khảo nhan dinh bong da chinh xac nhat để biết thêm các thông tin mới nhất

But the mistakes in the defense once again made the owner of Old Trafford to pay the price. Jose Mourinho's "curse" on the third season is slowly coming to light. However, the "special person" should receive a share after the disaster show of the home team.

In the last two seasons, Manchester United have bought the names the 55-year-old needed. However, Paul Pogba, Eric Bailly or Victor Lindelof did not show up as expected when joining M.U.
In addition, Jose Mourinho did not hesitate to "name" mistakes that led to the loss of Manchester United. This created fear for the players and always played under the terrible pressure from his teacher.

However, Vice President Ed Woodward should be responsible with Jose Mourinho for the Manchester United crisis. The 46-year-old accountant did not have a coherent strategy for the transfer of the Reds, with Alexis Sanchez in the lead.  trực tiếp các tin  soi keo ngoai hang anh  nhanh nhất

"Special person" is a priority for players who are already in their ninth form. The Chilean forward came to Old Trafford and was given a lot of expectations by Ed Woodward. Even former Arsenal star paid £ 350,000 a week.
The confidence has been further buoyed by Jose Mourinho's contract extension to 2020, just four days after successful Alexis Sanchez. The Portuguese are also eager for a busy summer transfer session for M.U.

But Alexis Sanchez's poor performance changed everything. The 55-year-old wanted to have Ivan Perisic and Willian, 29.30-year-old stars. However, Ed Woodward has said "no" because he does not want disappointments like Sanchez appearing at Old Trafford.

This proves that there is no certainty and clarity in the decisions of the Vice President of Manchester United. But if you do not trust Jose Mourinho, why did the management decide to extend the contract with "Special One"? mới nhất thông tin soi keo asiad chính xác các giải đấu hấp dẫn

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