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The dreadful May Public Holiday weather and driving rainstorm which met workforces on their way back to the factories on the Tuesday Tuukka Rask Jersey , following a long weekend, has led to a big increase in orders for vacations overseas. Many people it seems are trying to dodge the random weather of the UK and go somewhere hot and sunny. Over the course of the bank holiday and particularly around Tuesday lunch time, online travel websites like, First Choice, lastminute and Thomson experienced dramatic increases in online holiday bookings, some even by 22%.

The weather in the UK is a deciding reason in driving British holiday makers abroad in record numbers again this year, bookings alone for winter breaks have dramatically increased and demand for short city breaks is ever growing. With the circumstance of global financial diffidence in the UK at the moment, short city breaks are becoming fashionable with people not prepared to fork out for full price vacations. The typcail cost for a week锟絪 holiday has recently been put at 锟?,057, according to a recent survey of around four thousand travellers abroad.

The quick, city breaks, costing less are rising in demand, promoted by costs of 2 weeks abroad as opposed to shorter breaks, a recent survey by an online travel website, reported that over 18% of holiday makers are choosing for these short city breaks as opposed to only 24% taking a fortnight or more.

A major reason for the upturn in city breaks and lure of far away sunny destinations could be due to the pound锟絪 current standing against the Euro. The pound is not very strong against the Euro, indeed at the moment, a Euro costs 78pence. This has led to traditional destination haunts like Greece and Spain take a decline in bookings with holiday makers looking at cheaper alternatives in countries such as Romania, Morocco and Bulgaria where the pound is stronger.

One of these countries, Romania, have certainly noticed a steady increase of tourism to their seaside resorts and towns over the last few years. Last year alone the tourism market made 34 million Euros more compared to the last year. Although, many Britons choose to holiday now in eastern European countries, the infrastructure and facilities does not have enough fascination to make foreign tourists spend more money and so aid their economy. Even still, the forecasts for this year is that the amount of tourists should increase by around 12-16%.

19% of holiday makers surveyed were also looking to visit destinations were the pound is strong. This means that America, with its weak dollar is particularly attractive with cities such as New York, Orlando, LA and Vegas touted as would be break destinations.

To conclude the upcoming uncertainty surrounding the strength of the pound against other currencies as well as mounting utility, fuel and mortgage payments, will certainly mean that holidays abroad to traditional destinations like Spain and Greece, occur less frequently and holidays to eastern European countries like Bulgaria increase, from our need to get the most from our money in today锟絪 hard financial climate.Author's Resource Box
Lucy is a author who pens occasional articles on UK Travel, such as Butlins Holidays on behalf of eComparison.

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