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I have a Edirol UA-25EX soundcard which supports midi. However, i noticed that the snd_seq modules couldn't be loaded. modprobe snd_seq gives me a fatal error, the module couldn't be loaded. What's the best thing to do? Compiling my own kernel? And how to make sure every module i need will be available in that case?
it seems CONFIG_SND_SEQUENCER and the alikes were not defined in the kernel config. What would be the best option? filing an issue on the linux-sunxi repository?

Yeah I have the same problem, I need midi but the alsa sequencer is missing from my kernel, don't have time to build it myself. Raspberry pi has the alsa midi sequencer in its kernel but those are too slow for my application I really really really need midi in the kernel and anyone wanting to use a banana pi to compose music is most likely going to need this too lol, while you have raw midi the key piece for jackd is the alsa sequencer module.

I'm trying to build from scratch but had issues with that, that would be one solution but it would be super nice if we just had this in place as with the raspberry pi so I can spend my time working on my application instead of messing with building from source for my entire os.

What's the best thing to do?

This issue has been open for more than a year by now without any reaction from lemakers side.
Fortunately somebody else has provided the solution.
I would recommend that you just dump all the lemaker images and run Armbian on your Bananapi instead. Here everything is in place.
I have done so and now I am finally able to do some audio programming for the BPi.
I am currently working to apply the rt kernel patch that will make audio latencies below 10 ms possible using the inbuilt audio out.  With that in place You won't even need an externel midi audio interface to run a synthesizer on the Banana Pi
Here is the thread in the Armbian forum:
http://forum.armbian.com/index.p ... patch-on-banana-pi/


can't someone smart person just make a kernel that works...I'm about to go crazy here.. I neeed USB midi

found one.. Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 works great.

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