Need help installing Linux on SD card for guitar

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I want to keep my working Android on MMC and install  Linux on SD card but failed. I think the images on the download page are outdated so would someone guide me to current images or how to update them myself.

I wrote Lemuntu to SD card using dd (ddrescue mentioned in the guide  reports that the file (/dev/sdb) exists).
Startup stops very early, reporting Processor 2 stopped with no reported reason.

I got farthest with Ubuntu Mate whose rootfs for SD card is based on outdated version 15 whose apt sources do not exist any more.
I manged to change the sources and update to version 16, but could not watch videos. I assume hw accelleration is missing.
After following the lemaker guide for installing gl2, lightdm does not start any more, giving no usable error message.

armbian does not seem to be supporting the device any more.

Lemedia could be an option but since build date and kernel version are even older than those of the other images, I did not dare installing it.

So, is a working Linux image available or does someone have an idea how to make lightdm running?
Or is there a tested way how to write a working Lemuntu to SD card?

I am looking for a guide that can help me to install Linux on SD card. It is for my guitar Fastest Web hosting. The details you are shared are completely the perfect one that I am looking for. The details help me to do things as well as I need.       

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