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The attacks on humanitarian workers have increased drastically in the recent years and have become one of the major causes of death and injuries of the humanitarian aid workers. The risk to their life and violence is getting bigger and more disturbing with the progressing time. The humanitarian aid workers are the people who are responsible to provide help and assistance to the victims of war attacks Camiseta Luka Modric , calamities and other catastrophic happenings and, lately these workers have been exposed to a number of threats and menacing.

The United Nations Organization also serves the purpose of providing assistance and support to the victims of brutal wars, political conflicts and also severe natural disasters. The UN humanitarian aid has long been used to save lives by giving needy people proper help and services in the affected regions of the world. In case of emergencies, they manage to immediately supply all the necessary and required resources to the affected group of people.

The United Nations organization is one of the biggest non-governmental organizations that has been serving for the welfare of modern society and the volunteers are associated with UN are referred to as UN humanitarian aid workers. An UN aid worker usually works in organized groups and help injured refugees, children and also the ones depriving of food and shelter due to any disaster and accident. Although they dedicate their life to serve humanity but still some terrorist organization and groups attack on them, which is certainly not acceptable.

There are many reasons behind the violent and brutal attacks against humanitarian aid workers ranging from hatred and enmity for a particular government to collaboration with armed forces. These attackers do not wish these workers to deliver help and assistance and hinder their way in between by a series of bombings and attacks. Various terrorist organizations have been constantly obstructing and hindering the path of humanitarian aid workers and consequently, humanitarian aid workers could not reach to the affected geographical areas for help. The sense of insecurity is also one of the critical reasons of the cruel and harsh bombarding against aid workers.

There is a dire need of protecting the humanitarian aid workers from all the harm and danger as it can also affect the victims who cannot receive assistance and resources at proper time. The attackers should stop such appalling crimes against humanity and try to comprehend the meaning of peace and harmony. Also, the concerned authorities should take the significant steps to control the violence and threats against humanitarian aid workers.

LONDON, March 26 (Xinhua) -- The London Taxi Company, owned by the Chinese-based Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, today confirmed its new production plant near Rugby will have a capacity to build 36,000 of the iconic taxis a year, a ten-fold increase compared to now.

The vehicles will be powered by zero-emission electric motors to meet changing 'green' rules being introduced in London from 2018.

The first taxis will hit the road in 2017, just ahead of the new ultra-low emission rules coming into force to control vehicles operating within Britain's capital.

Last month London Taxi Company won permission to build a new headquarters and factory just outside the university city of Rugby.

The new plant will initially employ 550 staff with an anticipated rise to over 1,000 in the next few years. Work will also be created for an estimated 500 workers in the component supply chain.

The new facility will eventually have the capacity to assemble up to 36,000 vehicles a year compared to the company's existing plant which has been its home for almost 70 years.

The announcement comes just 24-hours after Jaguar Land Rover announced a major expansion, also in England's West Midlands region that will create thousands of auto jobs.

In a statement today Li Shufu, founder and chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, said the investment will secure the future of London Taxi Company.

He said in the statement released by the London Taxi Company: "Almost two years after we acquired this company - in which we first took a stake in 2006 - it has become an important part of our global automotive strategy.

"Today's announcement symbolises the close business links between China and the UK, which is an attractive market for Chinese inward investment.

"The London Taxi expansion will demonstrate the benefits of Anglo-Chinese partnerships, showing how we can harness our resources, industrial know-how and technology to produce an environmentally-friendly next generation electric and ultra-low emission London Black Cab that China and the UK will be proud of, and which can be a world-beater in export markets."

Aside from being a part of religious customs, they served some other purposes too. Some evidences also indicate that they have served as a way to scare the birds or the animals of the farming fields. This procedure will assure people that they can enjoy the sounds of their chimes in any type of weather and it will last for a long time. People need not worry about the pipes because they are also treated for it last as well.

Most of these are designed with wooden tops where the chimes are connected. Ash hardwood is used as a material for the top part which is processed and then coated later with urethane. China and Japan have long been practicing the Chi which works on the arrangement of things to attract positive energy. Chimes have been seen in American and in European homes by the 1800鈥檚 when it was presented as something that would balance the elements around thereby allowing the flow of positive energy. The tones that were produced gave a feeling of lighter and better mood for people who are near where it was placed.

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