Voltage on USB port by POWER OFF - need help

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Hi all,
I need help from some one that have multimeter and can measure voltage on USB connector (power line on double USB connector J3) when banana is in POWER OFF state (after SHUTDOWN) in Raspian 3.1.

Reply 1# Adam

In the evening I may check it on Raspbian 3.1 or/and Android.
Now, may I check this on Raspbian 3.0.

Reply 2# sylwek2k

Hi, please check it now with 3.0. I thing it has no difference on 3.0 or 3.1 version. Maybe my AXP209 is defect.

Reply 3# Adam

   Raspbian 3.0Power on USB port:
5.2V when banana pi is working,
4.5V when banana pi is shutdown.

I haven't (yet) soldiered battery (li-ion/li-pol) to the pi.

Reply 4# sylwek2k

Thank a lot. It means that banana pi (AXP209) not cut correctly ACIN, VBAT even BAT (Accu) from IPSOUT after shutdown. A20 switch of the STEP-UP driver but not switch-off IPSOUT. I need find way to switch off IPSOUT. Right now after banana shutdown (with connected LiIo accu) it drain accu over USB Wifi-Stick. Also shutdown is not possible because it make restart (I thing because of IRQ from AXP209). In AXP209 (english translation) PDF even AXP202 they write "When you push-and-hold PEK longer than IRQLEVEL, HOST can write “1” into“REG32H [7]” to inform AXP202 to shutdown, which can disable all power output except LDO1." and in electrical specification we can read about RDSON - Rds(on) On Resistance(BAT to IPSOUT) 75 mΩ" with means that is one MOSFET transistor between BAT input and IPSOUT output.

Thank you for your help

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Reply 5# Adam

On Android is the same situation ;)

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