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I appreciate your work. Hope to see good result soon.

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Wow, Great! Actually today I also succeeded to turn on the lcd with comment of t ...
aquilegia Posted at 2014-9-5 07:33

With help of notro, ads7846 touchscreen driver works finally!You have to set the following kernel build options.


Is the full .config file available for building the kernel ?

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We also get it work last week.

Is it possible you post a complete guide to make it work, please ?
Many thanks !

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The following process is what I do.However, you will not have to build kernel and fbtft modules if the lemaker team update raspbian image with them.
First install the dependent packages.
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential u-boot-tools uboot-mkimage libncurses5-dev

Update gcc to 4.7 version.
$ gcc --version # confirm the version
$ sudo apt-get install gcc-4.7 g++-4.7
$ sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/gcc gcc /usr/bin/gcc-4.7 40 --slave /usr/bin/g++ g++ /usr/bin/g++-4.7
$ sudo update-alternatives --config gcc # select 4.7
$ gcc --version # confirm the version

Download kernel source from the git repository of bananapi kernel.
$ git clone --depth 1
$ cd linux-bananapi/
$ zcat /prog/config.gz > .config

Then download fbtft source from fbtft repository.
$ cd drivers
$ cd video
$ git clone

You have to change the source code to a version before 16 Aug.
$ cd fbtft
$ git checkout 3dcf796b9274f4dd82fea35bc10e23396881e5ab

Edit configuration files.
$ cd ..
$ echo "obj-y += fbtft/" >> Makefile
$ sed -i 's/endmenu/source "drivers\/video\/fbtft\/Kconfig"\n\nendmenu/' Kconfig

Config both fbtft and dummy regulator option from kernel menu.
$ cd ../..
$ make prepare scripts
$ make menuconfig

Enable all fbtft module options.
Device Drivers -> Graphics support ---> < > Support for small TFT LCD display modules (NEW) ---> select all items to “m”

Enable regulator and dummy regulator options or edit .config file
Device Drivers->Voltage and Current Regulator Support -> Provide a dummy regulator if regulator lookups fail

Build kernel uImage and module files. It will take long time about 6-7 hour.
$ make uImage modules

Backup old kernel image and copy the kernel image to the boot partition.
$ sudo cp /boot/bananapi /boot/bananapi_old
$ sudo cp arch/arm/boot/uImage /boot/bananapi

Install modules.
$ sudo make modules_install

Then enable spi and reboot.
$ sudo raspi-config
$ sudo reboot

Install ads7846 device module.
$ git clone
$ cd ads7846_device
$ sudo make install

Installl spi module.
$ sudo modprobe spi-sun7i

You have to insert fbtft module with dma disabled.
$ sudo modprobe fbtft dma=0

The remaining process is same as fbtft wiki page ( )

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   I rebuild my kernel with FBTFT support but I have only one SPI display which I have no idea if it is supported.
Here is image or just kernel:

Can someone try with something that works for sure. I was trying different drivers and I get white screen and something on the screen - for example if I choose some device with smaller screen (and similar hardware?) I can see shrinking. That's about all.

I could not get anything on.

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Hi, You need to configure your fbtft driver based on the SPI display controller chip, so you must understand the SPI display use what kind of controller chip.

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Hi, You need to configure your fbt ...
hnsncxy Posted at 2014-10-8 21:24

   It is using ILI9341 which is quite popular as I see but the rest is unknown.

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well, The fbtft driver support the ili9341, but you need to close the DMA in the source code, as follow:
  1. fbtft-core.c : static bool dma = false;  /*Compatible with Bananapi*/
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