Bootloader Write in Recovery Mode Issue

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Good Day.
We are developing AP Memory Tester using Hikey 970.

Please help and discuss with below issues, It will be helpful for us.


1.    Issue and status
A.     Initial Issue : BOOT Fail has been occurred
                       i.         Therefore, we run “Recovery and Image Download” which means resetting.
B.     Status : We faced issue from “Bootloader Write” in Recovery Mode.
                       i.         ./sec_usb_xloader.img (Done)
                      ii.         ./sec_usb_xloader.img (Done)
                     iii.         ./l-loader.bin (Failed)
2.    Our question
A.     We would like to ask those 3 kind of Image’s role and the location for download
                       i.         ./sec_usb_xloader.img (Done)
                      ii.         ./sec_usb_xloader.img (Done)
                     iii.         ./l-loader.bin (Failed)
B.     Kindly review that this issue has any relationship with Hardware (Main point for this type of issue)
                       i.         ./sec_usb_xloader.img (Done) Hi3660 : 0x00,022,000
                      ii.         ./sec_usb_xloader.img (Done) Hi3660 : 0x60,049,000
                     iii.         ./l-loader.bin (Failed) Hi3660 : 0x16,800,000 -> What does this address mean? (It seems that the hardware part of this address is wrong)

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