Lubuntu system in Bananapi board power on slowly

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When i used lubuntu in bananapi board ,i just find that it cost about 2~3 minutes to power on every time! It's difficult for me to accept it. Then i use the USART to read the log sent by the system , ok ,i found the fact that the system took a very long time to load the driver of network ,it just looked like the system has stoped at that process . And i saved a picture of that . Anybody know how to solve this problem???

log pictrue

log pictrue
I think you may use faster SD card (at least Class10 or faster) to improve shortly.

this problem is caused by the gmac dhcp. the dhcp protocol is run to get an IPv6 address though the gmac. the method to speed up the booting is to connect the ethernet cable and let the protocol
get the IPv6 address. This problem will be fixed in the next release.


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