Bootloader image download issue

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Good Day.

We are devloping memory tester using hikey 970.

There are bootloader image download issue

Please see our pictures below.


1. Bootloader Image Download
- sec_usb_xloader.img (Done)
- sec_usb_xloader2.img (Done)
- l-loder.bin (Done)

2. Driver Disconnected and Reboot

3. There are not any response from Hikey 970.

We think that this issue was caused by hardware (We have modified Hikey 970 Board)

Thank you
This happened to me many times. And I was so helpless in those times. Thank you so much that  weblink  I have found a solution now. My friend is having the same issue. I will share it with her.

Thanks for sharing the detail of the Bootloader image download issue. A bootloader is a vendor-proprietary image responsible for bringing up the kernel on a device. You gave a brief description of this issue, and the post gave me a proper idea. Anyway, keep sharing more updates. Cell Phone Extender

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