Cubieboard vs Raspberry Pi image

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I´m checking out the Banani Pi now for a few days, and I´m quite satisfied with the support of such a new product.
I tried all the supplied images exept the Android.
The Paspberry Pi image works quite well, but I always ran into Problems installing further things.

The Cubieboard image impresses me more, but I have one Problem.
The Banana Pi is connected to HDMI to a TV, with the Raspberry Pi image the screen fits exactly.
With the Cubieboard image 3/4 of the menue at the bottom are out of range, so how can I adjust the screen ?
You should first set it on your monitor setting menu. If it didn't work, you can change the fex file.

For most problem, it is caused by monitor setting.

Hello Tony,
that doesn´t seems to be the problem.
The raspberry pi image reads the edid correctly during boot and sets it to 1366x768
The cubieboard image and also the fedora image by salvo set the resolution to 1280x720
that is causing the problems with the screen.
So the question is how can I switch the resolution

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Hi, please  read this document

Basically you should create a file called boot.cmd with the right video options in it and then run

mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d boot.cmd boot.scr

as per instructions here :


and replace the old boot.scr in the first partition of the image.

Hi, changed the settings in boot.cmd  boot.scr
no change in the resolution, tried out a10_disp got many different results,
not the right one.
I guess Tony is right, working on the fex file / script.bin will have the right effect.
Trying that in the next days.
checking out what´s different between the raspberry pi image and fedora.
I´m used to Fedora for nearly 10 years now, and I would like to keep it that way.

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I will release the Pidora (Fedora for raspberry pi) this week.

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