Howto: Build and install a modified linux kernel directly on Bananian

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Good day everybody. I'm beginner, help me please.
OS bananian-1508
I try to compile stable kernel from
export ARCH=arm
make sunxi_defconfig
make menuconfig
LOADADDR=0x46000000 make -j2 uImage modules
make install modules_install
At /dev/mmcblk0p1 i get "uImage-next" file.
But it not booting. Where is a problem?
Thank you.
Sorry for bad English.

Perhaps the LOADADRESS isn't the good one.
  1. make -j2 - LOADADDR=0x40008000 uImage modules
Copy the Code

it works for me

Good luck

I know this thread is nearly a year old, but I found it while searching for a way to compile my own kernel for the Banana Pi. I would not mind if the compilation took a couple of hours, because I don't need to sit and watch the screen. ;)

But what I really need to know is: is it possible to compile the recent "vanilla" kernel, straight from, or is it vital to use the sources provided by Lemaker and clone them like shown in the first article of this thread?

Yes, but you need to have a proper compiler, configuration and you need to rebuild u-boot as well. Next, booting process is also slightly different than on stock kernel.

For (all those problems fixed) cross-compilation, check

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