Just installed v3.1.1 lemaker user password

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Just installed v3.1.1.

When i try to log in the lemaker user appears.

Anyone know what the password is for this user?

best regards
Password is :  bananapi

I have the same problem in terminal


sudo su
password: ????

I Try bananapi, lemaker, ubuntu, linaro, root but don't work anything

Can fix the problem, from main menu, system tools, users and groups, I change the main user to admin & put a new password

Now also work "sudo apt-get update" commands

It would not allow me to do that since I dont have the root password.
bananapi did not work as the password.
deenbee I am as lost as  you.

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Try [size=14.3999996185303px] from main lxde menu (task bar), system tools, users and groups,

[size=14.3999996185303px]just need change the main user to admin & put a new password

for me work perfect

sudo apt get command work in terminal too

deenbee,  Just wanted you to know I redownloaded and installed the image. Now everything works as expected. Not sure what I did the first time around but bananapi is now the password of choice.

Thanks so much for the reply. I am such a newbie when it comes to linux I think most of my problems will  be self inflicted.

I think the error is mainly because of the username. There is a problem in the username, please try to change it and use the valid one.I searched for this solution in the help essays services. I think changing the username helps you to log in easily in it.

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