perf/coresight support

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Edited by coresight at Jan 23, 2019 08:03

The kernel is not compiled to have coresight enabled which would allow for very good program tracing with very little overhead.

Its basically these settings in the kernel .config:


Also the perf tool is in the Ubuntu repository, because of the custom kernel, perf does not have the necessary linux-tools-4.9.78-xxxx packages.

So could you please:

  1. compile the kernel with coresight
  2. make linux-tools-.... packages for that kernel available
  3. make the hikey970 kernel available so I can make changes of my own and compile + install them. (e.g. via ). As the kernel is GPL - dont you have to make the source available anyway?


EDIT: also supporting the "config" loadable module (or compiling it hard) would be nice!

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