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Panthers preseason report LIVE Wednesday 8pm

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Panthers preseason report LIVE Wednesday 8pm; post your burning questions here Hello CSR faithful Youth Luke Kuechly Jersey , over the offseason this year I was promoted to a new position within SB Nation that will exist on each football blog called “Lead Voice” which is basically like an anchor position on a news show. My new role will have me focusing more on video content, live and otherwise, but mainly in respect to me... I like doing most of my stuff live so I can interact with you all.Many of you had been tuning in on Facebook at halftime and after games last season, and that is absolutely going to continue (whenever life doesn’t get in the way). This year i’ll be looking to do more content in addition to those halftime and post game reports, and that will start this preseason with a Wednesday show where we’ll talk about all the latest Carolina Panthers news up to that point. I’ll also be answering questions you may have. Your question is a lot more likely to be answered or discussed if you post it here in advance instead of in chat during a live video (it scrolls fast sometimes).So remember, Like/Follow us on Facebook , and you’ll get a notification whenever Cat Scratch Reader goes live.The preseason report will take place at 8pm EST on Wednesdays leading up to the regular season. If you have questions you want discussed, post them as a comment on these threads which will pop up each week on Mondays.Most weeks, if there is a game happening (including preseason) you can expect to see me go live during halftime and immediately following the game. This won’t happen every single week as sometimes I have family obligations, but I’ll do my best!You’re also likely to see live videos from me when major breaking news occurs.Thanks for reading, and hopefully i’ll see you all soon!It’s time to reconsider how we rank quarterbacks ESPN recently released a tiered quarterback ranking after asking 50 NFL executives their thoughts on the current crop of quarterbacks. The way the list played out raises a lot of questions about how these executives view the quarterback position. The problem is not who is listed as a Tier 1 quarterback. The problem arises when considering who was left off of Tier 1, mainly our own Cam Newton and the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson. Part of their own definition of Tier 1 is “A Tier 1 QB can carry his team each week. The team wins because of him.” We have all seen Cam Newton’s entire reign in Charlotte and we know without a doubt that this team only goes as far as Cam takes them. 2015 does not happen if Cam is not Cam. The same can be said of Russell Wilson. Sure Michael Palardy Jersey , early on in the Seahawks dynasty Russell was a game manager. Since then, and especially last season, the only reason Seattle had a chance to win week in and week out was what Russell Wilson was able to do. Both players led their respective team in passing and rushing yards, and at least tied for the team lead in rushing touchdowns. Obviously this says a lot about the other rushing options for both squads, but also speaks to the true danger these two quarterbacks pose. This list really shows how undervalued running quarterbacks still are in the NFL. By throwing out the running aspect of these two offensive weapons, we hamstring our ability to understand the impact they make. Running backs have recently undergone a similar shift. Two of the consensus best running backs in the NFL are Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson. Not many people would argue they are the best pure runners in the league with guys like Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliot suiting up on Sundays. But both Bell and Johnson do so much in the passing game that their impact is greater than most other backs. Neither has ever led the league in rushing but are often listed 1A and 1B as the best running backs in the game. The game has evolved and our understanding and valuation of the running back position has also changed. Even though we have changed our views on running backs Authentic Cam Newton Jersey , we still are dragging our feet when it comes to the quarterback position and it makes no sense. Taking the total package into account, there is no way that Russell Wilson and Cam Newton should be excluded from the tier that clearly states they can “carry their team each week.” Right now they are routinely listed in the same breath as Andrew Luck, Derek Carr, and Phillip Rivers, fellow Tier 2 quarterbacks on this list. Wilson and Newton may be close to those three in terms of passing acumen. But can Rivers win the game against the Vikings with a 61-yard run late in the fourth quarter? Can Carr pull off this miracle against the Cardinals to ice the game late? The game is evolving and we need to evolve with it. Otherwise we risk under appreciating two of the best offensive players in NFL history just because they dominate in a different way.

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